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Relaxed, natural and real


My name is James Thundercliffe and I have been photographing events and Weddings since 2014. In 2017, a couple asked if I could get some video footage whilst I was photographing their big day. I gave it a go, enjoyed it and decided to offer video packages alongside the more established wedding photography. 2018 was my first year of videos and I haven't looked back, capturing natural and relaxed weddings in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and beyond.

What is my style? Relaxed, natural and fun. I want to capture the real moments of your wedding day and blend into the background as much as possible. I'm not about cheesy poses or contrived set pieces - for me its all about what really happens on your wedding day.

I offer a two tired pricing system for wedding video. Tier 1 includes capturing the audio for your ceremony and speeches - this is important if you want to re watch the full ceremony and/or speeches in the future. Tier 1 also comes with 2x videographers which is really valuable if your wedding covers a couple of different locations (especially preparations in the morning) and/or you have lots going on that you want capturing such as magicians, singers or similar throughout the day.

Tier 2 takes those things away, you still get a full days coverage but with just 1x videographer and there wont be any external microphones coming out for ceremony and speeches, although some audio will be captured through the camera. Perfect for smaller weddings.

Take a look at the pricing below and feel free to complete a contact form or send us an email or a whats app message

Wedding Video pricing

Tier 1

Full day coverage (prep through to evening)
2x Videographer
Boxed USB
45-60 minute 'full' wedding video
4 minute highlights video
Full Ceremony & Speeches videos with important people mic'd


Tier 2

Full day coverage (prep through to evening)
1x Videographer
Boxed USB
25-35 minute wedding video
4 minute highlights video



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