Mr & Mrs Odams, Pheasantry Brewery - 30th September 2023


Alice & Ashley booked me over 4 years for their big day - a day which has changed date & location many times but was well worth the wait

Alice is a fun character. Loves Busted. Loves a dance. The life & soul of the party, and because of this the day was loads of fun. Ashley is more reserved - which meant it was really funny when he was made to get up and dance by the singing waiters

I was with my now usual team of me, Willy and Milly and we were treated like part of the wedding from minute one - getting cups of tea on arrival, being bought drinks by guests and getting some delicious food at the venue. We made the most of it by joining in with action on the dancefloor, in the photobooth and in the phonebox

Big shout out to these wonderful suppliers who were involved:


Helen Mitchell Makeup Artist

Pretty in Pink Bridal

Happy Flower House

Magic Images Photobooths

Petit Versailles

Special thanks to Danielle at Pheasantry Brewery for being wonderful

I'm glad I crashed the wedding


Behind the scenes

Lovely cuppa on arrival

Will made a friend

On brand for Mr & Mrs Odams

Will has never read the Gruffalo's Child

Lovely to work with Hannah the hair lady

Any excuse to lay down

Hi is that Evergreen Chinese? Could have my usual please? Love you long time x

The venue is a working brewery and gave me a sample. Awful.

This was much better


Milly was happy with the size of the pie

Will tucking into his vegan pie

Pudding finished me off

It rained a bit

Me & Will have been in more photobooths than you will ever know

Will made sure he had a good dance when he clocked off

Selfie with the happy couple

Pizza to end an incredible day